Secure On-Premise Workflow Software

Sometimes, the cloud isn't an option. Like when you need to integrate with systems that can't be exposed outside your datacenter. Or when your corporate risk management requires sensitive data stay behind your firewall.

frevvo's on-premise software gives you the full functionality of our workflow software on your own servers in your own environment.

On-prem workflow management software with easy installation

frevvo's on-premise solution can be installed in just a few clicks without complicated configuration. In most cases, the installation process takes just a few minutes. Our team is always ready to assist you.

The on-premise software includes all the same drag-and-drop designers, visual wizards, integrations, and workflow capabilities available in our cloud software. You control upgrade and maintenance schedules, security configuration and patches, and access to the software.

Want even faster access to a frevvo trial? You can try frevvo in the cloud and move your forms and workflows to your on-premise instance for production use.

100% Visual Workflow Automation

Try frevvo's on-premise workflow software in minutes

Automate any business process

There are no limitations on what workflows you can automate – the on-premise version of frevvo offers the same exact set of features as our cloud-based software. You’ll get the same easy, visual form and workflow design, visual rules, PDF mapping, and more.

Travel Mileage Reimbursement Travel
Expense & Mileage Reimbursement Forms Expense
Purchase Order Process Purchase
Vacation Request Form Vacation
Timesheet Management form Timesheet
New Employee Onboarding Process New Hire
Zero code business process management software

100% visual business process and workflow automation

Our on-premise software offers the exact same features as cloud. Drag-and-drop to design your exact forms, visually route them for approvals and signatures, configure dynamic behavior using point-and-click wizards, and more.

There's no programming required and anyone can do it.

Security that integrates with your existing infrastructure

Security the way you want it

Business process management (BPM) deals with sensitive data such as employee information or student records. Keeping this data secure is crucial to your operations.

Our system integrates with your existing security infrastructure, including Active Directory, Google Apps, SAML, and more. Only authorized users can access your forms and workflows.

It's easy to configure SSL and ensure secure access even inside your firewall. When properly setup, your process data will always be encrypted from the network to the database.

Powerful integrations & APIs for easy connectivity

Integrate with any business data source

Your sensitive information is stored in internal systems but your business may also rely on cloud-based services from third parties.

Our on-premise workflow automation software comes with the same APIs, connectors, and wizards available in the cloud. You can easily pull together information from disparate data sources and locations.

Learn more about frevvo's integrations & APIs.

Responsive, mobile forms

Mobile-friendly forms and workflows

Customers and employees expect 24x7 access to services on their mobile devices. But customized, responsive mobile apps are difficult and expensive to develop. With frevvo, mobile just works.

Design your forms and workflows to fit your BPM requirements. frevvo automatically provides a responsive user experience. You can easily customize mobile behavior without any programming – like splitting a lengthy form across multiple pages.

As manufacturers upgrade devices, we test and update our cloud-based software to ensure compatibility.

Focus on your business. We'll take care of mobile.

On premise frevvo works with your existing Microsoft or Linux infrastructure

Works with your existing infrastructure

Our workflow software runs on your existing infrastructure – Microsoft or Unix. We support the most common SQL databases, web servers, and application servers.

You can even deploy frevvo in your own private AWS VM, VMWare server, or other environment.

Upgrade on your own schedule

Upgrade on your own schedule

frevvo supports our on-premises software for a minimum of two years after its release. We offer regular bug fixes, security patches, and a seamless upgrade experience. Your existing forms and workflows will continue to work without interruption.

Enterprise ready forms and workflow software

Dependable, efficient workflows

Everyday workflow processes are crucial to your business. Automate them with our on-premise workflow automation software. It includes everything you need to ensure reliable operation:

  • Accessibility: ADA and WCAG compliance are built in. You can be sure that everyone can access your automated business processes and you’ll meet regulatory requirements.
  • Performance: With on-premises software, you’re responsible for the infrastructure. However, frevvo’s software has many built-in features to ensure the highest level of performance. Since resources aren’t shared with others, you maintain complete control.
  • Localization: frevvo forms and workflows support all languages worldwide. Users and employees anywhere can access forms and workflows in the language of their choice.
  • Accuracy: Instant, built-in validation ensures that your business processes will generate error-free data and reduce the cost of fixing mistakes.
  • PDF Generation: Dynamically generate required PDFs e.g. W-4 and I-9 forms for new employee onboarding from digital data.

Download our on-premise software and get started in minutes

Sign up for free and see how frevvo's easy, visual forms management and workflow automation software can help you improve efficiency in your organization today.

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