Initial Saudi Group takes contract approvals from paper to digital in one week

Customer Profile

Initial Saudi Group is a leading Saudi group of multinational and local service Organizations offering the strengths and experience of a multinational whilst retaining the agility and characteristics of a local company. Their dedication to this mission is clear when you talk to Afzal Jandira, Head of Business Systems, who was tasked with coming up with a solution to a lengthy, error prone contract approval process and adopted frevvo as a result.

Initial Saudi Group

Business Situation

Initial Saudi Group starts eight to ten new contracts a day. Contracts are processed through their 10 departments with 400 office staff in 5 locations across the kingdom. They are ultimately signed by the CFO and CEO, and a copy is provided to the Managing Director. This manual process involved scanning and emailing the contract at each step, and if there was a change requested by a client, that request could end up with the executive signatory who had the contract, rather than the operations department who could take action. The entire process could take 7-10 days to complete. Occasionally contracts could be misplaced when there was a physical copy travelling between offices, extending the timeline even longer.

Initial Saudi Group had used other solutions that didn't fully automate this process; for example, Oracle does not handle Custom DOR approval workflows and Docusign offered digital signatures but did not work for internal approvals. They found frevvo had all the features they wanted and as an added bonus, was quick and easy to implement.

"The IT GM tasked me with automating this process in one week. After using the frevvo solution, he said it was one of the fastest solutions he had seen in his entire career. Our company COO's also say frevvo is amazing, and after experiencing the ease of automated approval workflows, they don't want to do any manual signing anymore."

Afzal Jandira
Head of Business Systems

Solution Summary

In just one week and 14 hours of frevvo Client Services time, Initial Saudi Group got their automated Contract Approval Process into production. Now all nine ISG departments are using frevvo.

They can set up digital signature approvals for each department and have the flexibility of dynamic assignments based on data entered into the form. frevvo works with their SSO and intranet so that the digital form is easy to access just by opening a browser, with no additional login required. Customized access control settings ensure the contract form is only visible to initiators. Automatic email task notifications prompt signatories when a contract is ready for their review, and the initiator gets a PDF copy of the form they initiated for their records. ISG makes use of escalations and reminders to ensure each step is performed within a 6-hour deadline. Custom logic provides dynamic form behavior, such as showing or hiding approvals as the contract routes between signatories, making the form simple, clean, and easy to use. frevvo also connects to their database, allowing integration with other systems such as their customer data management system. The contract approval process that once took nearly two weeks can now be completed in a matter of days.

Key Features

  • Digital signatures eliminate the need for printing, scanning, and emailing contracts manually.
  • Custom access control and SSO integration provide form and data security.
  • Escalations and Reminders promote timely contract approvals.


  • The contract approval process can now be completed in a matter of days, and paperwork is never lost or misrouted.
  • Integration with Database and other systems streamlines data management.
  • User-friendly design tools and a responsive frevvo Client Services team make launching new forms & workflows fast and easy.

Initial Saudi Group's executives are so happy with this process that they plan to upgrade several more manual processes to frevvo automated workflows. For example, the Fleet & Accommodations department's driver hand-off process for their 700+ vehicles is all manual, making it hard to see historical data without going to a physical file. With frevvo and the Database Connector, they will be able to see driver hand-off history at a glance. Similarly, frevvo can streamline their housing and accommodation renewals process by routing renewal contracts through departments for approval and then to finance for processing. frevvo's workflow automation helps this large multinational company handle business processes with speed and agility.

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