Drag-and-Drop Mobile Form Builder

With frevvo, easily create mobile-friendly forms and workflows using drag-and-drop wizards. Forms are automatically responsive and adapt to any screen size. Your apps will look fantastic and still support powerful features like business logic, database integration, and more. All without writing a single line of code.

Create mobile forms and workflows automatically

All forms and workflows created with frevvo are 100% ready for mobile out of the box. Design them using our visual builders without worrying about mobile compatibility. We’ll make sure your forms work on all devices, look great, and provide an enjoyable user experience.

Easily create mobile forms and workflows

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Let us show you how frevvo's mobile ready forms & workflows can help you improve efficiency in your organization today

Automate any business process on any mobile device

We offer mobile-ready form templates and workflows for common business problems in HR, finance, sales, and more. Collect data, improve productivity, and accelerate the pace of business by quickly automating everyday tasks on any device.

New Employee Onboarding Process New Hire
Purchase Order Process Purchase
Timesheet Management form Timesheet
Travel Mileage Reimbursement Travel
Vacation Request Form Vacation
Expense & Mileage Reimbursement Forms Expense
Responsive, mobile forms

Effortlessly build forms on mobile devices

Writing HTML/CSS and testing for hundreds of device formats is difficult and time-consuming. With frevvo, creating responsive, mobile-friendly forms and workflows is easy as pie.

Our form and workflow builders are 100% visual. Simply drag-and-drop to add fields and we'll take care of the rest. They'll work naturally on iOS, Android, and other devices.

Solutions for common business problems

Customize the look & feel on mobile

Visually pleasing forms on mobile devices are even easier for users to fill out.

Using our Style Editor, you can easily manage the appearance of your forms and workflows. Change colors, fonts, and field spacing without writing any code or knowledge of CSS.

Use our built-in page break functionality to break long forms into multiple screens on mobile. We'll take care of the details such as adding Back and Next buttons.

It's easy to set up your form so it's natural on all mobile and desktop devices.

Zero code business process management software

Enjoy feature-rich forms on mobile

frevvo includes many advanced capabilities such as dynamic business logic, workflow routing, and integrations. PDF generation, lengthy forms, and sophisticated layouts are particularly difficult to program for mobile devices.

No matter how complex your form or workflow, frevvo supports all of these features and requirements on mobile.

Plus, frevvo offers mobile-specific features like camera support (e.g., for attaching receipts to expense report forms) and automatic inclusion of location data in forms using GPS.

Digital signatures on all devices

Support digital signatures from anywhere

Printing, signing, scanning, and emailing documents is one of the most inefficient ways to handle approvals. Speed approvals up with digital mobile signatures.

frevvo's powerful signature functions work seamlessly on mobile devices. Users can securely sign and approve using a finger on a touchscreen device, at any time, from anywhere.

Powerful integrations & APIs for easy connectivity

Create powerful integrations with business data

Online forms and workflows are significantly more useful when they can use information from systems like a SQL database. Integrations are easy with frevvo using our connectors and wizards.

Dynamic behavior including master-detail views, dynamic picklists, and auto-filled fields just works on all mobile devices.

Learn more about frevvo's integrations & APIs.

Enterprise ready forms and workflow software

Deploy enterprise-grade mobile forms

With frevvo, your responsive, mobile-friendly forms and workflows are also robust enough to meet every business need:

  • Security: All data is 100% encrypted even on mobile devices. SAML, Azure, Active Directory, and other integrations safeguard access to your forms and workflows on all devices.
  • Scalability: Support unlimited users, volume surges, and 24x7 access worldwide. frevvo’s software scales automatically to meet every demand.
  • Flexibility: Use our cloud-based or on-premise software. Both versions fully support mobile devices.
  • Localization: Mobile users are everywhere. Work with them in the language of their choice on the device of their choice.

Let us show you how frevvo's easy, visual forms management and workflow automation software can help you improve efficiency in your organization today.

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