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From Fortune 500 companies to tiny non-profits, hundreds of customers across the globe use our software to eliminate tedious paperwork, allow teams to focus on work that matters, and drive their business forward.

Our mission is to help unleash the complete potential of every employee.

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Why we do this

Our mission is to improve the work life of every employee and help each one of them to unleash their full potential. Like you, we don't like unnecessary paperwork and we'd much rather be doing something more interesting and productive like helping customers or teaching students or caring for patients.

We live by our mission and believe in our products. We strive every day to improve our people's lives by using our software to power our own business. We've built a diverse team of innovative and curious individuals who are committed to doing great work and supporting each other in the process.

We are strongly committed to customer success

100% of customers give us positive reviews and 100% of them would recommend us to their friends and colleagues

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A brief history

We started frevvo over a decade ago to solve a problem we'd run into ourselves. We were implementing a BPM system at one of our big customers, a huge property-casualty insurance company. Insurance processes must deal with very large forms and lots of data. Our system connected to their mainframe and to the DMV to automatically retrieve data but, to our surprise, the thing they cared most about was how it looked in the browser.

So, we found ourselves building lengthy web forms with lots of dynamic behavior and tweaking them over and over again to please the client. It was tedious, boring and decidedly NOT FUN and we knew that we'd much rather be doing something more interesting and productive than debugging CSS and JavaScript.

We figured everyone set out to solve the problem for others. We started with an online, drag-and-drop form builder. It gets rid of the repetitive, boring stuff and just works.

Over time, we've worked with hundreds of customers and partnered with some of the biggest companies in the world including Oracle, Xerox, Ricoh. We've learned what customers need to solve real business problems:

  • World-class customer support.
  • Easy-to-use designers that you can use right away and become productive without a lot of training.
  • Client services and customer success teams that are focused on your success.
  • Real enterprise-grade features: Business Rules without JavaScript, Powerful Validation, Integration, Electronic Signatures, PDF generation, Mobile, SQL Databases, Active Directory, SAML, and more.

We've made sure that our people place the highest priority on the success of our customers. No wonder they love us. We've also ensured that the product is actually engineered for this stuff. It's fun and satisfying, especially when we think of all the pain and suffering other developers won't have to endure.

Save the trees – one form at a time!

We're tree-huggers! We hate "wasted paper". We know many businesses would love to "go green" as long as it doesn't hurt the bottom line. We're doing our part – 800+ customers are printing tens of thousands fewer documents and using less paper every single day with frevvo.

We'd love to hear from you

Send us an email about anything at all at or call us +1.727.441.8228.

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