The Low Code Workflow Automation Platform

With frevvo, you can quickly automate any business workflow using no or low code.

Drag-and-drop and other visual tools make it easy to implement business process automation, no matter how complex your requirements, forms, or operations.

Low code workflow software that makes the complex ... simple

From building complex forms to defining their automated routing for approval. From customizing business logic and exceptions to automatically generating custom PDFs.

frevvo's drag-and-drop tools and visual designers make low code business process automation simple.

100% Visual Workflow Automation

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Let us show you how frevvo's low code automation platform can help you improve efficiency in your organization today
Graphical, drag & drop form builder

Drag-and-drop to design forms

Business processes generally start with a form that's filled out and routed for comments and signatures.

Our drag-and-drop form designer includes 25+ types of fields, sophisticated layouts, custom styles, and data sources so you can easily create any form you want without any programming.

Zero code workflow designer

Visually define workflow routing

Drag-and-drop the steps of your workflow in a web browser to have forms automatically forwarded to the right person at the right time.

Configure each step using straightforward, point-and-click wizards. Anyone can easily set up conditional routing without programming.

Dynamic behavior using simple, visual rules

Point-and-click wizards for dynamic behavior

Automatic calculations, conditional sections, and pre-filled fields make forms easier to complete. Dynamic routing makes workflows more efficient.

With our visual rule builder, anyone familiar with a spreadsheet can easily create custom business logic without programming.

Business rules can also connect to custom web services, APIs, and external services to create highly dynamic behavior.

Responsive, mobile forms

Responsive, mobile forms and workflows

With frevvo, mobile is built-in. Design your forms and workflows to best-fit your processes. They’ll automatically look great and work on all devices.

You take care of your business. We’ll take care of mobile.

Powerful integrations & APIs for easy connectivity

Integrate with business data

Real-world processes are more useful if they can use business information from SQL databases, document management systems, and other systems.

Use our APIs, wizards, and connectors to link workflows to your internal systems. You can also connect to custom web services if desired.

Learn more about frevvo's integrations & APIs.

Graphical, drag & drop form builder

Manage performance through smart reports

With our built-in reports, get instant visibility into your processes and optimize them to improve performance.

Timely notifications, reminders, and built-in escalations ensure speedy approvals -- employees don’t have to chase down signatures.

Easily meet compliance requirements through our included audit trail.

Drag-and-drop PDF generation

Generate required PDFs with our visual mapper

Business processes often have to generate PDFs -- like a W-4 or I-9 for official purposes.

frevvo's low code workflow automation features visual PDF mapping. Simply drag-and-drop form fields onto your PDF to set up the map. We’ll copy the data including digital signatures and generate the exact PDF you require.

Zero programming required.

Enterprise ready forms and workflow software

Our low code solutions are built for enterprise needs

The frevvo platform includes everything for process management of any complexity in any industry without requiring programming or I.T. support:

  • Secure: We automatically encrypt your data everywhere. frevvo also integrates with your existing security infrastructure, e.g. Active Directory, SAML, etc. to protect your workflows from unauthorized access.
  • High performance: Spikes in demand can occur unexpectedly. Our platform automatically monitors usage and scales to ensure a responsive user experience.
  • Flexible: Our low code software is available in cloud and on-premise versions. Choose the option that best suits your needs. Both offer the same set of powerful features for workflow automation.
  • Accessible: frevvo comes with built-in ADA and WCAG compliance. You don’t need any programming to ensure that your workflows include all users and meet regulatory requirements.
  • Localized: Process services worldwide in any language.

Let us show you how frevvo's easy, visual forms management and workflow automation software can help you improve efficiency in your organization today.

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