Intuitive, integrated solutions from frevvo have enabled digital transformation at Montgomery County Community College.

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Montgomery County Community College maximizes LiveForms solutions for students and staff.

"Digital Transformation can be defined as the shift to more human-centered processes and experiences. The intuitive, integrated solutions from frevvo have enabled this shift at MCCC."
Joe Mancini,
Executive Director, Information Technology

Customer Profile

Montgomery County Community College (MCCC) has a mission "to offer a high-quality, affordable, accessible education that leads to relevant, rewarding transfer and career opportunities."

Montgomery County Community College

Business Situation

To do this in a way that promotes efficiency and fiscal responsibility, they have implemented frevvo LiveForms for over 140 forms and workflows throughout every department. Using frevvo's solutions to improve behind-the-scenes efficiency, MCCC saves time for employees to engage with students in a way that is in line with strategic priorities, rather than managing paper and administrative processes.

Solution Summary

MCCC's forms and workflows are integrated via API to their primary student information system, document management system, and academic records. One of their key goals is to never ask for information on a form that already exists in their systems; this has motivated them to leverage LiveForms integration solutions to provide a professional, streamlined and personalized experience for users.

LiveForms meets dozens of business needs for MCCC including:

  • Use of frevvo for the Change-of-Major form permits requests to be dynamically routed to the respective parties for approval and significantly reduces the time to complete this process.
  • An Excused Withdrawal workflow populates a form with the student’s current enrollment information and allows the upload of excusal documentation, such as a medical record, to a secure system as the workflow routes to the applicable dean and the provost for approval.
  • Workflows can be routed both inside and outside the organization, which is helpful for gathering information and approval from parents of dual-enrolled high school students, solving data-entry delays and freeing up staff to better support students.
  • The once primarily paper-based Veterans Affairs Office converted to entirely web-based forms which make it easier to meet rigorous government record retention and audit standards.

"frevvo forms" is a well-known phrase at MCCC where workflow solutions have improved efficiency for HR, Finance, Academic Affairs, Registrar and Advising departments.

Key Features

  • Custom integration with multiple systems for personalized user experience and secure information management.
  • Forms can be created in as little as a few hours by “citizen developers” without the need to write custom code every time.
  • Security Manager ensures data privacy.
  • Personalized emails sent at every step of the workflow process to keep users informed of the status of their request.
  • ADA Accessibility.


  • Improved back-office efficiency means staff are more available for meaningful engagement with students.
  • Custom integrations mean users never enter information more than once.
  • Meets stringent requirements for security, reporting and document retention.

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